Javaero Goes to Baguio

Hello Javaeros!

We had lots of fun and learning in baguio last Dec 5-6. We were very
fortunate to have 2 photographers present( Hiram and Roli). The pictures
are already uploaded to the site and to the multiply
sites of Hiram and Roli. You can see the link near the end of this email.

Only 9 people went to the congress. We departed for Baguio on the eve of
Dec 5 and arrived there at about 6:30 am. We stayed at Junie’s place in
which we occupied 4 rooms, 2 persons per room. Our sincere thanks to Junie
and their family for their hospitality.

On the first day, we toured baguio city. We first went to UP Baguio to
meet with Joel, a professor of mathematics, who facilitated the room we
used in MaryKnoll and provided the digital projector. Then we went to Fort
Del Pilar (or commonly known as PMA). There we got a picture of “Roli the
PMA dropout”. Then we took our lunch in Forest House, where we met with
Omar from Telus.

After that we went to Camp John Hay and played with the swings and
see-saw. We then went to the Mansion to visit the president’s summer
residence. Then we went to Good Sheperd to buy some of there products like
ube jam, peanuts and strawberry jam. With lots of stuff in hand, we went
back to Junie’s place to rid ourselves of the bags of groceries then we
went back to burnham park to do bi/tricyle riding and boat riding.

We had dinner in Gerry’s grill SM City. It was very cold there because it
was located at the top floor in the open air. After dinner we went back to
Junie’s place and had a bonfire.

The next day, we went to MaryKnoll and Joseph presented the Java Server
Faces for 2.5 hours. We had a lot of exploring done in JSF as we tried to
make a simple example work. Only Joseph was able to present since the
projector was only available from 9:30 to 12 noon (due to UP Baguio’s 40th
anniversary projectors were mostly booked). After the presentation, we
then toured the MaryKnoll Sanctuary, which is a garden dedicated to Mother
Earth. Then we had lunch again in SM City, this time in Dencio’s. Before
going back to Junie’s place we passed by Burnham park to take more
pictures. Finally, we headed back to Manila that night.

You can view some of the pictures from this site:

If you can access the multiply site, the rest of the pictures are here: