Movin’ On

I have now completed one whole week in my new company. Looking back, I ask myself: “Why did I go out of my previous company?” That company was one of the best companies I have ever worked. I did not regret working there. The people were very nice, especially my bosses and my teammates. I had a lot of mentees there and I hope I have taught them enough, for them to be able to be successful in their work. I also created a lot of initiatives in that company, one of them is the Dining Philosophers. One of my mentees and teammate, Enjelica Pastoral, organized the Dancing Philosophers, an idea which came about during one of our team snacks.

So why did I have to move on, in spite of the very good position I had in that great company? There are many reasons, but maybe I can just offer the words of Ray Hannisian in the song he wrote entitled “Movin’ On”.

This was my elementary school graduation song which I never forgot because I like the lyrics and the song itself. I searched for a long time over the net for the lyrics of this song. I found one from this thread and if you scroll down, you’ll see this link The lyrics is incomplete though.

“there is a voice, that has no name,
it comes with evening or behind the rain.
I have no time now, to stop and explain,
I just keep moving, cause it helps to ease the pain.
The night has music, that calls to me,
across the canyons of an endless sea.
I seek the shadows of yesterday.
I just keep moving, cause it helps to ease the pain…..”.

There is an air of melancholy in this song which says that moving on is hard and a sad thing, leaving the comfort of your current status and facing something entirely new and uncertain, something which to a certain degree scary.

The song ends with the following lines:

Speak to me softly but tell me no lies
I see tomorrow shining in your eyes,
I have no time now to stop and explain
I just keep moving cause it helps to ease the pain.

I echo this to all my mentees: I see tomorrow shining in your eyes. I hope our paths meet again.

Here’s a video from youtube so that you’ll get an idea of how the song goes:


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15 thoughts on “Movin’ On”

  1. Wow…thank you!! I too had been looking for the words to this song…as it was a song I sang in High school choir (in the 70’s) and I always loved it. Most of the words stuck in my mind but not all. This song has been haunting me because 8 years ago we lost our daughter ( a Jr. In highschool) in a car accident as she drove to catch the bus for her conference HS basketball game. Her sister age 14 was also in the car with her when they were t-boned in a country intersection. Lisa was what the papers called our team star BB player…while Lindsay was her big sister’s team student manager. Losing our daughter was and will always be the hardest thing we will ever have to go thru and live with. We have survived by staying very busy and I think of the lyrics in the song so often…”I just keep moving…..’cause it helps to ease the pain.” Today it hit me younger daughter is doing the very same thing she sees me doing….stays so busy…always planning…organizing…a real people person….Married just before age 20…Bachelors degree in nursing 3 1/2 years after h.s. graduation…and just going …going…going……even 8 years later….just keeping on moving …’cause it helps to ease the pain.” I knew I had to find the words to this song it’s completeness. Even though maybe not complete in the lyrics…the video made me cry when I heard it….thank you so much for having this song and lyrics on the internet. As much as I loved this song singing it in choir….never did I dream the impact it would have on my life and the simple answer it held to why I keep myself constantly on the go and always busy. We have a lovely family with also 2 boys besides our two girls…our perfect little family where one second took away a part of our lives that can never be replaced. We have all learned to survive and go on in our own ways. Again…thank you for having this so easy to finally find on the internet.

  2. grabe palaka ang impact ng pagiging romantic mo Bobby!!! A startling revelation of your romantic side kasi akala ko’y emotionless superdupper computer geekazoidicallity ka lang!!!

    sige, hataw sa ganong outlets of your soul, kasi meron naman kaming nagbabasa sa imong blogs!!!

    A kind of cathartic expression!!!

  3. Hi Shelli,

    I did not expect the impact this song has on you. I don’t even know how you came to discover this post since I only posted this yesterday and I only have a few readers.

    I’m very sorry to hear about your daughter. I visited your website and read the things that are being said about her. I can understand how you feel. I too, lost my mother to cancer 4 years ago. She was 61. But I always felt like a child when she was around. That’s why she was always “young” to me. I told an aunt of mine how I still feel sad everytime I remember my mother. She told me that it cannot be helped. She told me that she lost her father about 40 years ago, but she still feels the same sadness everytime the thought crosses her mind. I guess the sadness is there to stay until we see them again.

  4. Hi Auggie,

    I would have wanted to portray a stoic image. Emotions seems to betray a sign of weakness. But emotion is probably what distinguishes us from the rest of creation and to exclude emotions from this blog would be a sham.

    Einstein, in all his glory was a romantic person. One of the greatest mathematician , Evariste Galois, the inventor of group theory, who died of a duel at the age of 20, was a romantic person.

    “A month after his release, on May 30, was Galois’ fatal duel. The true motives behind this duel that ended his life will most likely remain forever obscure. There has been a lot of speculation, much of it spurious, as to the reasons behind it. What is known is that five days before his death he wrote a letter to Chevalier which clearly alludes to a broken love affair.” (

    Even the great composer, Ludwig van Beethoven, was a romantic person:

    “In 1812, Beethoven wrote a long love letter to a woman he identified only as “Immortal Beloved”. Several candidates have been suggested, including Antonie Brentano, but the identity of the woman to whom the letter was written has never been proven.” (

    So I guess, an ordinary person such as me is no exception to the law of emotions.

  5. Emotions and passions are what distinguishes us from robots the computer geeks and Artificial Intelligence community are trying to mimic in their robots!!! Emotions are God’s gifts to us to make us different from animals. E.g. love can not be said to be found in animals which are usually motivated by instincts, not intellect that God gives us!!!

    Among the main causes of my sickness that led to my forced retirement are deadly emotions. Imagine, our dad died last 2001, when during his wake, we were watching the World Trade Center meltdown due to the bombs planted by the conspirators, aside from the planes that banged on them. Then, a little less than a year, our mom died on 3 days before her birthday — kasi madly in love yon sa maldito niyang bana na sobrang vavaero (sana, Javaero like you!!!). Then, in much less than a year, our ancestral home burned down with our eldest sibling brother barbecued to death, together with all our family heirlooms, memorabilias, albums, pictures, books (our greatest treasures!!!), diplomas, medals, trophies, awards, etc. etc. etc…. Since hindi pa ako tapos to be so sad, mad, and not glad with the sunod-sunod na misfortunes of our family, in a little over a year, I almost died of stroke that took away my health, which almost made me get paralyzed (sana, parallelized!!!), almost amnesiac, insomniac, deeply depressed with no one to care and help me, even my family who I have been helping when they were in many misfortunes.

    Naku, if I’d write the other stuffs that led to my force retirement, kulangin tayo ng time and space dito, not to mention the kaguluhan at UP which are also among the main causes of my sickness that you already know since we know each other!!

    C’est la vie, vivi, oui, oui, oui ….

    Kaya, the best book that can model what I have been going thru is the great writing of the wisest man who ever lived but also did many damned, dumb, stupid, idiot things, viz. King Solomon’s Ecclesiastes. Read it, kasi very realistic model siya about the vanities and meaninglessnesses of life under the sun that we have to transcend from our horizontal perspectives and have the divine vertical perspectives to recover the meanings of the chaos of the realities of complexities and the complexities of realities of living on the ragged edge of life!!!!

  6. Hi Auggie,

    Just this april our house in cebu got burned. That’s the house where I grew up. All of our pictures also got burned. Pictures are one of the most important things to rescue when there’s a fire. But in spite of that, I’m glad no one was hurt.

    Incidentally, when I was going to work this morning I also thought about the passage in Ecclesiastes: Vanity of vanities; all is vanity. Seems like no matter what you do everything will just be forgotten or lost, we grow old and fade away. We will be replaced by the new generation. And the same cycle occurs.

    So I guess there’s really no motivation to do anything at all in terms of glory. We’ll just do the things we do because we know they are good and they benefit a lot of people, without thinking of anything in return.

  7. Actually, Solomon had long questioned and answered all the Philosopher’s mad musings thru time, even say the Existentialists’ favorite questions.

    HIs final answer to all the madnesses, meaninglessnesses, vanities of chasing after the capricious winds of the whims of the ragged edges of realities (that really bite!!!) of life is in the last part where he said:

    Ecclesiastes 12:13:
    Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.

    Yep, the answer to the vanity of living under the sun only is to transcend from our boring and meaningless horizontal existence by looking unto God and fear Him, because on Judgment Day, we’ll account for all what we did and think in this life, and if we don’t have His Son as our Advocate to defend us with the blood He shed on Calvary, the consequential conclusion of our existence beyond this life will be a very fearful hell!!!

    Kaya, favorite ko ang Ecclesiastes kasi very realistic model siya of our life on earth that the wisest man who ever lived but who also did very stupid and foolish things had long posed and answered the problems of our temporal and spatial existence here on earth!!!

    Only when we fear God will there be meaning to all the chaos of living on the ragged edge. Kaya, even if I had already lost my job, income, dignity, I’m still joyful in the midst of the chaotic sea of our existence that if I have Jesus as Advocate, He will SAVE me from that Great Damnation with His Great Salvation. A very good song to sing about that day of redemption from all the sadness, badness, and madness of the vanities of vanities of life can be watched and heard at:

    Kakalilabot ang rendition ng singer na you can really get ecstatic with the song!!!

  8. I’ve been moving on and on and on … and ramble randomly … ad nauseam …. ad continuum … ad infinitum … in my temporal and spatial pilgrimmage of life here on earth!!!

    Got to move on and on and on, and I already had many times of almost ending this pilgrimmage!!! But Death still deludes me, though he has been chasing me even when I was a kid!!! Can’t wait for that appointed day of the end of the vanities of all vanities!!!

    Very good books on the vanities of this life with all it’s meaninglessnesses can be read in John Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress” and “Vanity Fair” by the Prince of Preachers, Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Try to get hold of these very good books that can give us eternal perspectives to transcend from the vanities of our temporal and spatial existence!!!

  9. At least, you only lost your mom and ancestral home, so you can easily move on kasi you still have your dad, siblings, good health, great job, very high income, and most of all, gained a very lovely and loving wify!!! While I lost my parents, eldest sibling, ancestral home, health, job, income, dignity, self-worfth, etc… one after the other, and so now enslaved to sickness, weakness, poverty with no one who love, care, and help me in my recent random ramblings, and I don’t know till when or where I will move on in my random ramblings in the chaotic sea of life’s ragged edges of cruel realities and complexities.

  10. Hi Auggie,

    I think only good can come from all your misfortunes in life. Just be patient. Good things come to those who wait.

  11. life is so certain about uncertainties!!! just like weather prediction!!! basically, chaos and the butterfly effect!!!

    death is actually a good thing that may happen to me, because it will be the end of my endless and relentless moving on and on and on …. ad nauseam …. ad continuum ….. ad infinitum!!I actually envy like Rudy Fernandez and other friends who died ahead of me — they now rest from moving on and on and on….

  12. Yep!!!Even with like the Uncertainty Principle and Quantum Reality, life is very exciting to move on random ramble!!!

  13. I sang “Movin’ On” at my graduation. I always loved it! I could remember the melody and the first verse but that was. So glad to find the lyrics for the rest of the song. Thank you for sharing them.

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