Dining Philsophers Meet Javaero

The future of Dining Philosophers now rests in the remaining core group. I will be moving on and re-start the group Javaero, which is the parent group of Dining Philosophers. Javaero means “lover of Java”, the Java programming language. Initially the group was composed of friends, from different companies, all of which are Java programmers. However, since we don’t only discuss java but also other languages and technologies, the Javaero word has come to mean “coffee lover”, the hallmark of a true programmer, don’t you think? This explains the coffee beans in our site.

The photographer, Roli Balicas, is always at a disadvantage. So I’m posting another picture with him in it.


The Dining Philosophers (or DP was we call it ) has been in existence for more than a year now in my previous company. The goal of DP is to find the best people in the company who have the same aspirations as us to discuss and learn about computer science and information technology. I am hoping that my core group will continue what we started and that Javaero and DP will merge in order to bring more expertise to the group.


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7 thoughts on “Dining Philsophers Meet Javaero”

  1. Javaero???? hhhmmm, baka vavaero din??? Looks like it!!!!! Usually, wine, women, and songs, as well as wine and dine, aside from whine and dine, always go together. I wonder of Java coffee and women go together?? No women in the group, or hidden somewhere else???

  2. Hi Auggie,

    No we are no “babaero”. In fact, we need to find women members since all of us are men at the moment. It might be hard to convince them to join since the word “javaero” sounds masculine .

  3. maybe, you can train and (tor)mentor JOy Cando-Asuncion to join your group, kasi marunong din yon mag-program. SA computer company din yon dati nag-work!!!

  4. I was thinking i’ll put a blog on doing parallel computation so that joy can just read it and learn from it.

  5. nagloloko ang connections, paputolputol ….

    yep, ask and also encourage Joy to learn parallel programming that she can apply to hybrid heuristics we can use for our many researches in portfolio optimization, among other optimization problems!!!

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