The Best Place in Singapore

I was fortunate enough to go to Singapore in October of last year. We arrived in Changi airport about lunch time and it was raining. I was expecting it as some of my friends told me it rains every now and then in Singapore. I was immediately impressed by the airport. Although I have several big airports before when I was in San Franciso, USA and Dubai, this airport was refreshing. We took a cab from the airport to our hotel (Peninsula Excelsior). The scenery was really beautiful as we drove from the airport to the city. The city itself was nothing compared to anything in the Philippines. The streets were so clean and it was very hard for us to find any cigarette butt.

Our first destination was the Zoo. I’m not good with remembering names so I can’t remember the name of the Zoo. But it was the first time I entered a zoo where I saw many animals for the first time. Well, I don’t really go to the zoo, even here in the Philippines. It’s one of those places that are low in my priority. However, I was not disappointed when I went to Singapore zoo.

Our hotel was very near the place of our conference so we just walk it on the way home, utilizing the underground mall that connects Suntec to a train station near our hotel. I can’t remember the name of that underground mall, or if there is a name to it. It was just a pleasant walk. You can shop as you go to the hotel.

We stayed in Singapore for 6 days. Before we left for the Philippines, my wife and I went to Sentosa. It was the place in the top of her list to go. The place was really great. We went to this underwater museum where you can see esoteric fishes and crustaceans. There is already one here in the Philippines but I haven’t gone there yet. We went to Sentosa by train and went out of it by cable car. The view was really great!

On the first day, my wife asked me if I would consider going to Singapore next time for vacation. I told her the city was beautiful, very modern and clean but that there was really no compelling reason to go there. I can live with what we have in the Philippines.

However, all that changed when I went to Borders bookstore and Kinokuniya. There is nothing of such beauty and magnitude in the Philippines as those bookstores. I can spend my entire day just browsing through all the books. And that would be just one row of bookshelves! So the best place in Singapore for me are the bookstores and if I have my way, then the reason I will return to Singapore is to visit the bookstores.

Browsing Books at Borders

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3 thoughts on “The Best Place in Singapore”

  1. Sing-a-bore is a perfect place for robotized, emotionless, automatized, tyrannized, regimented conformists!!! A Brave New World kind of utopia where Big Brother is always paranoid of the citizenry’s trying to get out of their hellish kind of heaven!!!

  2. Hi Auggie,

    I would have accepted a job in Singapore but I realized my wife might get bored in Singapore. I guess i’ll just go there when i have the money.

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