Robots and Emotions

I just came across this article entitled “The rise of the Emotional Robot” which talks about owners of Roomba robot dressing them up and even giving them names and gender. People are now getting attached to their robots as if they were part of the family. What I find funny is that we put a lot of value to these human creations forgetting that there are real humans out there who are of greater value by virtue of being human and are living in wretched conditions. I don’t mean to say that attaching ourselves to our robot is a bad thing but that when we do these things we should also be aware of real people out there who also need the same care and attention.



  1. In man’s trying to play God, he creates robots to come out in his image and likeness!!

    I don’t think even with the great brillince of man
    that he can program the “soul” and “spirit” given to man by God!!! NO amount of artificial intelligence can even approximate the true emotions like “love”, etc… given by God, because a robot is too mechanical, like DATA of Star Trek.

    Mayabang lang masyado ang tao with his playing God!! As what they have been doing in the medical sciences.


    Artificial Intelligence is a very poor substitute for Natural Stupidity!!!!

    Can they also program stupidity in a robot?

    Pondering and wondering as I wander in my random ramblings and bubbling babbles!!!!!

  2. Hi Auggie,

    There is a prediction that the world will end in 50 years. Not because the stars will fall out from the sky but because we will be controlled by robots that time. I read in partially in this book:

    Tipler is a well respected Physicist and one of my favorite physicist. He wrote a lot on the topology of the universe. Some of his work i learned when I did my thesis in physics.

  3. if atheistic ka, puede mangyari yon!!

    If theistic ka, basahin mo na lang ang Book of Revelation according to St. John on the eschatology and prophecies about the end of days and the end of time!!! We’re now going into such end times as prophecied!!!

  4. actually, never magaya ng silicon-based robotic creations and artificial life ang very high complexities ng carbon-based life with building blocks based on carbon and its numerous compounds that give rise to biological life, especially the one on humans with soul and spirit. Only God can program a soul and spirit with the emotions natural to biological man, which the artificially living robot can never have!!!

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