On Innovation

I found this very interesting paragraph from the book “The Myths Of Innovation” by Scott Berkun:

What advice would typical executives give Stephen Hawking, one of the brightest living minds, if he worked for them? Would they ask him to write daily status reports? Defend his action items from PowerPoint slides at team debrief meetings? Of similar curiosity is whether Steve Wozniak, Albert Einstein, or Isaac Newton ever filled out time cards, wrote performance reviews, or had their ideas ranked on scorecards by committees of middle managers. Could you imagine Mozart, da Vinci, or Marie Curie sitting next to each other, taking notes, at an all day company-wide event? It’s hard to see any of these commonplace situations working out well for the prospect of innovation.

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3 thoughts on “On Innovation”

  1. I agree with you!!! Mahirap yata ang art of juggling being a laissez fair na research adventurist vs management!!! Kasi to do research is to have free reins of the possible crazy and revolutionary ideas when one is trying to be innovative, which may usually conflict with the bottomline of management, which is always to optimize the use of limited resources while maximizing profits and gains and minimizing losses. To do research is usually risky, while management always pursue rewards while being averse to risk!!! Risk vs rewards mahirap i-balance, just as innovative research vs management (in the usual imprisoning styles) mahirap din i-balance!!!

  2. Companies always look at the bottom line. However, physicists don’t really care if the research they are doing have any practical significance. But science has never disappointed the industry. Take for example the discovery of quantum mechanics. Because of that we are now enjoying television, communications, electronics, etc. But the scientists who discovered them did not even have these applications in mind. It is up to the innovators/inventors to come up with creative ways to make use of the discoveries.

  3. kanya kanyang niches lang kasi!!! Mahirap mag-cross-over sa niche na walang training or exposure, kasi maging misfit, and hindi mag-survive ang trying hard to fit.

    Also, people are really no different than the animals in the forests and the wilderness. Say in a wilderness afflicted with drought and drying up watering holes: it’s a killing field!! No different from people in work places, especially like the Utopia Academia. Merong mga predators waiting for the hapless prey to get trapped in the dwindling water resource, and magaling sila mag-timing for their predation.

    Classic example of the animalistic nature of man: the grabeng awayan nila Tapia and Lope sa Math ng UP!!! Tapia is the masipag na innovator/inventor, also knowing optimization of scarce resource. But the one in power is so tanga about the importance of Tapia’s work, kasi selfish ang culto nila to monopolize all the blessings and resources only for their own selfish aggrandizements!! As predators, gusto nila sila-sila lang ang mabubuhay by preying on like Tapia. Kaya, if you read their letter exchanges, naku, makikita mo na no different from the animals in the forest: masahol pa sa dog-eat-dog world. If you read Animal Farm, magaling ang mga predatorial power-hungry politicians to prostitute their prime principles for the political and personal profits.

    What a great scandal na mismo sa Utopia Academia merong mga pretending to know-it-all na sobrang yabang na mga predators na only full of bull na hubris, naninira ng hindi nila maintindihan, kasi sila lang daw ang magaling sa buhay!!!!

    I think Lorna can model such system as a chaotic dynamical system, like the predator-prey models!! Naku, when matitira na lang ang mga predators, after nag-alisan na ang mga prey, or naubos na nilang kainin, naku, sila-sila na din ang magkakainan sa kahayopan nila!!!

    OOOPPPsss, baka meron akong mao-offend dito with my heretical spoutings!!!

    Well, I’ve just got to tell what I perceive is a very good model to describe such evil system na very oppressive management pretending to do world class researches, na naninira ng mga innovative and inventive researches ng iba!!!

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